You’re excited because you just got your new job, and you’re all stoked to begin work. At first, it’s all good – everything’s working out smoothly, you’re meeting your deadlines, once in a while your boss shows up over your shoulder just to compliment your work. And so, during the first few months, you feel pretty proud of yourself and you’re getting everything done. You’re on an employment high.

But five months into the job, you realize that things are on a downhill slope. You’re turning your work in late, your boss now needs to remind you every once in a while on getting that new assignment, and you’re no longer feeling as inspired as before. You have the sudden insight that maybe, just maybe, you need a productivity boost. A boost that’ll last you more than just a few months in the job.

Gadgets That Help You Get That Productivity Boost


While you waste your time on the Internet to shop online, you might want to use those promo codes to buy new gadgets that will help you to be more productive. Here are a few of them.

First, you may want to get a Fidgi pen. Have you only ever heard of a fidget cube? And did that fidget cube frustrate you because it’s a separate gadget totally unrelated to everything that you needed to do and only served to distract you even more? The Fidgi Pen is the solution to your fidgeting problems, while at the same time helping you focus and write that article.

Second, you may also need to get a window-mounted solar charger. Whenever you work, did you ever get that annoying need to always be connected to plugs? Well, with this solar charger, you won’t need plugs. You simply stick this to a window where there’s a steady source of sunlight and watch it work its magic.

Third, whenever you feel that your work is getting you to slouch too much, you may need to get a Lumo Lift. The Lumo Lift helps to monitor your posture, notifies you if you’re slouching, and even reminds you if you’re not getting enough work done.
With all of these suggestions, you have to really work out what gadgets your work demands of you.

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